Apartment Tatran offers accommodation only 150 meters from the ski lift of the ski resort Donovaly, in the middle of the Low Tatras National Park and the Great Fatra National Park. There are many attractions for you to see in Donovaly area.

Kam na výlet na Donovaloch

Donovaly is still associated for most of us with winter skiing or sled dog races. However, it is time to correct this idea a bit. Especially in summer, Donovaly turns into a paradise for children and adults. They offer incredible opportunities for games, experiences, adrenaline and relaxation. Older children will enjoy riding on the bobsled track or the traffic playground, smaller ones will play in the town with a mini-farm or in the water park. And you, you can happily trip or relax.

Donovaly lies between Banská Bystrica and Ružomberok, on the border of Liptov and Pohronie and on the border of the national parks Veľká Fatra and Nízke Tatry. They are therefore an ideal starting point for the surrounding area. The location is full of beautiful guesthouses and hotels. Smaller and larger. Many are really charming, they have their own wellness or sports facilities.



The ascent is undemanding, but during the summer you can also use the hybrid ski lift Donovaly – Nová Hoľa. If you have more strength in your legs again, you can continue to the top of Zvolen. There are several routes. A marked hiking trail leads from Donovaly (approx. 1.5 km). From the riverbed and from Donovaly, a marked cycle path leads to the top. The peak offers wonderful views of the panorama of the Low Tatras and the Great Fatra, which you will really enjoy. You will also see the valley with the lovingly scattered roofs of houses from the village of Donovaly.


Dominant of the main ridge of the Low Tatras. Located in the Starohorské vrchy area. Goat’s back is a forest reserve. It offers views of the Zvolen basin, Horehronie and the peaks of the Low Tatras and the Great Fatra. It is an undemanding hike that can be done even by occasional hikers, children or the elderly. It is about 10 km from Donovaly. A cycle path leads below the peak. Kozí chrbát is formed by surface karst phenomena, the locality is home to several rare species of animals.


Again, an undemanding tourist route that leads along the yellow sign from Donovaly through Mišúty to the Žarnovka valley. At the main road, you find yourself at a crossroads that leads to Korytnice. In the past, Korytnica was famous for its spas, which were also said to have been treated by Emperor Francis Joseph himself. Today you can get the coldest healing water in Slovakia here. The springs are still abundant.


It is located near the village of Dolný Harmanec, northwest of Banská Bystrica. The entrance part (Izbica) has been known since time immemorial. Other parts of the cave were discovered completely by accident in 1932. 18-year-old Michal Bacúrik came across a mysterious hole in the karst of the Kotolnice massif. Today, the Harmanecká Cave consists of underground networks and corridors, adorned with snow-white limestone droplet decoration, massive wall waterfalls and ponds. Some pagoda-like formations in the cave are up to 12 meters high. 720 meters of the cave are accessible. You will walk more than 1000 steps and enjoy a beautiful tour. You can reach the cave on a serpetine nature trail in about 40 minutes. You will find all the necessary info on this page.



In Donovaly you can find famous ski resort Park Snow, which offers 17 slopes with different levels of difficulty. 1 difficult slope (black), 4 medium slopes (red) and 12 easy slopes (blue). Everyone will find their track here – children, beginners and advanced. The total length of the slopes is 11 km, some are artificially snowed and available throughout the season. A specialty is the possibility of night skiing on a lighted track. All types of slopes, their length, price list, etc. can be found on the web site of ski resort.


The Nová Hoľa ski slope serves all cyclists in summer. The forest surface alternates with the meadow one. You can take the ski lift upstairs, you can even rent a bike. As well as helmets, child seats or a bicycle. The rental shop is located in the DAMi´Sport hut in the central car park or in the bikes shop at the TELEMIX Nová hoľa cable car station. However, there are many more opportunities for cyclists in Donovaly.


he area offers up to 42 marked cycle paths. You can manage the circuits in 1 – 8 hours, depending on your abilities, you can choose the right families with children, young people, seniors and professional cyclists. Some routes are part of the Half-Land District and have modified opening hours from 1 September. You can find a complete list with description, difficulty and individual lengths on this page.


The largest and longest rope center in Slovakia. At a height of two meters above the ground, you can test your dexterity, strength and enjoy a lot of fun and adrenaline. You are sure at all times.


If you want to get to know Donovaly quickly and comfortably, reach for electric rails. You will experience a lot of fun and your legs will not hurt either. Luxury HUGO Bikes are rented, which have a solid and stable construction. You pay € 10 per hour, € 60 for the whole day. It’s not the cheapest, but the experience is truly unique. On a scooter, you should behave in the same way as on a bicycle. You can borrow it at the box office in the parking lot at the valley station of the cable car to Nová hoľa. You can find more info on this page.


It takes a good dose of courage, but you probably won’t see a more beautiful view of Donovaly elsewhere. And that feeling of freedom, absolute adrenaline, is indescribable. You float through the air on a paraglider together with an instructor in tandem flight. So you don’t need any paragliding knowledge for this activity. You fly about 10 – 15 minutes at an altitude of 200 – 500 meters above the ground. It flies all year round, depending on weather conditions. And if you fall in love with this sport, you can also sign up for a paragliding course. Complete info can be found on this page.


Sled dog races have a long tradition in Donovaly. With their attractiveness, they attract a large number of spectators from all over Europe. In 2006, they unveiled a large Brondz statue of the Alaskan Malamute Din, a symbol of previous years of competition. You can try this nice sport with children on your own skin. Riding a sledge pulled by dogs of the popular Siberian Husky breed is truly an experience. And don’t worry, you will be accompanied by an experienced musher who has the whole dog team under control. You can find more info on this page.



A village inspired by folk tales by Pavel Dobšinský. In the themed houses you can see the work of a blacksmith or puppeteer and buy their products. There is also a miniZoo and refreshments. The biggest attraction, however, are theatrical performances, which take place several times a day in different parts of the village. The performance is always announced by the caller, who walks around the village. You follow him to the crime scene. The performances are fun and so interesting that even small children can watch them. In the town you can consume your own food and drink. There are tables on the meadow. When it rains, the town is closed. The season is from May to the end of August. Directly in the town you can pay only with a special currency Habakuk, which you exchange at vending machines in the town. However, you will not get it to sleep in euros, so you should confuse it less and more often. Price list and all necessary info can be found at


A small town where everything is reduced. It is simply a small town for children. Here you will find adorable houses equipped with children’s kitchens, couches, toys. There are also themed houses (restaurant, shop), relaxation zones, a workshop or a train. Crumbs can shop here, learn the rules of the road (get a children’s driver’s license) or get to know the animals on the mini-farm (and get a farmer’s license). There is a real deal of activity here! The animators paint something nice on the children’s face, you can also enjoy a city tour and our list still doesn’t end there. Reflectors are available free of charge, and electric cars can be rented for a fee of € 5/10 minutes. You can also walk around the town in the costume of their favorite hero. It is not allowed to eat and drink your own snacks on the premises. The interest is really great, so you better get up. In summer, Donovalkovo is open daily, in September during holidays and weekends. You can find the price list and important info on the website


The track is located on the right side of the ski slope from Nová hole, right next to the valley station of the cable car. It is almost 900 meters long. You will experience a bunch of adrenaline thanks to 7 jumps and 11 sharp turns. In some sections you can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. It is forbidden to stop on the track. You can comfortably take the ski lift directly to the top of the track. The wheelchair can accommodate a maximum of 2 people at a time, the bobsleigh track is open even in winter.


A park full of water attractions, a children’s rope center and slides. Suitable for children aged about 3 – 5 years. Here they will learn to understand various laws of physics in a really playful way. Haji ball into wooden troughs, pump water, which spins small mills, move on a raft using a rope. Attention, but it is not an aqua park. You can read a great blog about visiting this park with children here. Admission and opening hours can be found on the park website. It is open again during the summer daily, during the months of September-October only on weekends.


Children and adults can finally go crazy here. There are 8 trampolines and 4 bungee trampolines. On bungee trampolines you have ropes attached to you and you can try to do somersaults, somersaults or jump as high as you can.